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In 2009, Served Fresh Media™ launched in New York City. Our mission was simple but powerful:

“When you have an opportunity in life to do what you love, embrace it. At Served Fresh Media, we love live events, we love technology (geeks to our core), and we love people. Our goal is to create meaningful connections, and memorable experiences, through new technology at live events for clients and consumers.”

At that time, the “new,” innovative technology was social media networks like Twitter and Facebook (still in their infancy). The social media ecosystem was the size of a walnut, and most marketing executives and consumers had no idea what social media was, why they should care about it and, in many instances (as is the usually the case with new technology), they didn’t trust it. Served Fresh Media was at the forefront of introducing brands and consumers to the power and potential of social media and demonstrating how they could forge a new kind of relationship and engagement with each other — particularly at live-events. We sounded the alarm and said to everyone, “This is where you need to be.” And we asked them to be fearlessly innovative in imagining their place in the new world quickly taking shape around them.

Served Fresh Throwback: Our Team of Social Media Reporters (2010)

Served Fresh Media 2009
The technology has changed drastically since then, but our mission of creating meaningful has not. Social media is not only no longer the new kid on the block but, ten years in, it is becoming increasingly ineffective as the ecosystem has fragmented in to even more social channels, while the dominant social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) change their algorithms to accommodate a pay-for-play model that only the biggest brands will be able to afford and benefit from. This much is fact, the free ride in social media is over for everyone. Reaching and engaging with people through content has become harder to do than ever before. Ironically, our assessment of the marketing landscape in a 2013 blog post is even more true today:

“Marketing to an audience that is continuously bombarded with information and messages from multiple screens, and creating substantive connections with them (in the real world and online), has become complicated, time-consuming and expensive. The technological tools (apps, gadgets and social media) that can help marketers to accomplish these goals, can also present even bigger problems that hinder them from achieving these goals (making sense of it all, knowing which tools to use — is mind-numbing).”

Today, Served Fresh Media is, once again, at the forefront of helping brands and people to embrace new technologies to connect with each other, and to exchange ideas and information in mind-blowing ways that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

Virtual and Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Wearable Technology will fundamentally change our world, our perception of ourselves, and how we engage with each other.

What does it all mean? How can you still be heard by the people who want and need to hear your message? How should you, your company and your team pivot smartly and most effectively to incorporate this new technology in a substantive way?

As we have since 2009, we are guiding companies and people into the future, introducing them to game-changing technologies and unimaginable opportunities — and helping them to fearlessly embrace the innovation that will carry them into the next era.

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