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Since 2009, we’ve helped brands and startups develop and execute marketing, customer engagement campaigns and innovative technologies that can connect them in meaningful ways never imagined before. From strategizing and ideation, to building teams, to product development, to brand innovation and partnerships, we connect the dots.

Brand Innovation

Brand Narratives, Product Development, Innovation Strategy, New Business & Partnerships 

We work with companies craft, refine, or completely reinvent their narratives (for the overall brand, new product announcements, or virtual/live event initiatives) to resonate with their chore audience and position them to take advantage of new market opportunities. Additionally, we strategize and manage new projects that fall outside the realm of the traditional organization. Training in-house teams to experiment with new technologies smartly (and fiscally responsibly), to stay ahead of the trends (not at the mercy of them) is our speciality. And our team implements the strategy (from website and logo design, to product market testing, influencer engagement, and beyond).

Senior Management Advisory

Corporate Team Strategizing, New Business & Partnerships 

We advise Senior Management on strategy development, resource allocation, and strategy execution and identify immediate and long-term growth opportunities. By monitoring long-term trends and outlook, gathering competitive intelligence, investigating cross-business-unit initiatives, and strategizing sustaining business model innovation, we help management teams “unlearn” old, restricting habits, procedures and ways of thinking that can undermine the organization in the future, and incorporate new creative thinking and procedures. We identify barriers to achieving company objectives and develop an approach that allows companies to overcome those obstacles by satisfying the objectives of individual departments as well as promoting overall corporate goals.

Content Marketing & Influencer Engagement

Content Strategy, Cross-Platform Implementation, Influencer Engagement, Event Marketing

It is getting more difficult (and more expensive) to get content seen, heard and shared across digital media today. Although brands are spending more, and producing more, research shows their efforts are having less impact today than last year, and years before. It’s not about how much content you create but, rather, what you’re specifically creating, the quality of your content, and whether you understand what your audience really wants. We give companies the advantage in their content marketing programs by finding their truly unique voice in the market and creating unique, thought-provoking and entertaining content (blog posts, videos, eBooks, white papers, photos, industry reports, webinars, infographics, podcasts) for the platforms where their audience engages the most (from web, to mobile, to virtual reality). We ensure that every bit of content we create matters and resonates.

We connect brands with influencers, and influencers with brands for partnerships, content marketing campaigns, community engagement and growth, product announcements, and live-event appearances.

Past clients include:

  • IBM
  • It’s About Time
  • FoodShootr
  • Digital Flash
  • Appweevr
  • Art House Convergence
  • New York Press Club
  • Digital Media Wire
  • Corporate Social Media Conference
  • PointBurst
  • Hamptons International Film Festival
  • Openings Collective
  • Venezuelan Film Festival

Market Research 

Competitive Analysis, Consumer Behavior, Data Analysis, Technology Implementation, Investor Overview, Merger & Acquisitions

We offer comprehensive reports on immersive technologies including market trends, spending trends and forecasts, competitive landscape, innovation strategy for startups and established companies. Thorough market overview, coupled with our advisory and strategy, gives companies the ultimate competitive edge.

To learn more about how we can help you, reach out to us any time. We’d love to learn more about you! Email theteam[at]