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Uber protests

From Uber to AI: Business Ethics on the Edge

The question of ethics in business has never been more prevalent, in so many diverse circles, in the past as it is today. Our post-financial collapse society (where millennials are still feeling the painful affects of the shockingly unethical behavior of many Wall Street institutions that led to a world-wide meltdown) is quite comfortable with asking uncomfortable questions of not only mega-corporations, but of fledging startups ripe with innovation, heavy funding and aggressive goals to change the world.

That’s a good thing. Startup founders, especially, should continuously question how their business models, marketing campaigns, company culture and goals will affect the lives of individuals and a society as a whole.

Austrian startups

Austria’s Hottest Entrepreneurs and Startups

Conversations around the global startup scene tend to focus on western Europe or, more likely, emerging markets in Asia and Africa. When it comes to the up-and-coming startup ecosystems, the emerging markets are considered to be the hottest, most promising, and the most innovative.

But the world is a big place. And the pressing need for game-changing innovation and a revitalization in economies by way of building thriving startup ecosystems (the companies of tomorrow), is by no means limited to Silicon Valley or the handful of countries the business press tends to focus on. It’s literally everywhere.