EVENT RECAP: Clinton and Trump’s Technology Innovation Policies

Back in early August, when I first thought of producing this event as a part of our Fall series of topical discussions on the future of technology innovation, I had no idea that in the next three months (August thru Nov. 1), we would  witness our political process being dragged through the mud,

and that our country would be torn apart by an almost daily bombardment of election scandal including email leaks, Russian interference, accusations and admissions of sexual misconduct and crotch-grabbing, and lifelong politicians being steamrolled by a process that once built their political empires.

But I believe strongly that we should create our own narratives — rather than have narratives defined for us by the media and the political powers-that-be. The next President of the United States will have a daunting and unprecedented job of setting the technology innovation agenda that will usher in a new era of innovation including driverless vehicles, artificial intelligence, robot automation in the workplace that will likely cause massive unemployment (which I discussed recently, I Was Asked the Robot Question) .


We produced this event, Worlds Apart: Clinton and Trump’s Technology Innovation Policies, to offer the tech community and the general public a thought-provoking discussion with leaders in technology and politics. Let’s just say, our guest speakers not only rose to the occasion of giving us much food for thought and valuable insights, they blew us away! After the event, attendees stuck around for almost an hour discussing what they heard on the panel, meeting each other, and telling me how much they enjoyed the event. Score!

Unbeknownst to me, one of the attendees was a journalist from Politico (Miranda Neubauer). She wrote a great article about the event highlighting many of the great points made by panelists. The article is behind PoliticoPro’s paywall, but as soon as I get permission to reprint, I will post the article link.


I can’t thank our rockstar panel speakers enough for taking time out of their incredibly busy schedules to speak with us including:

Rather than offer my commentary on the panel discussion, I’ll let you watch the video of the panel discussion above. We barely scratched the surface of everything I would’ve liked to touch on, but we covered a lot of ground and were given great takeaways from the speakers!


Please take a moment to visit the websites of our sponsors. This event was made possible by their generous contributions (we can’t thank them enough for helping us to bring this important conversation to the community and especially Work Better for hosting us in their beautiful Park Avenue space):


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We’re on our way to the voting polls! In just 3 days, we’ll have a new President (come what may). Subscribe to get our updates and event announcements HERE.

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