Flashback Friday: Our Rockstar Social Media Reporters

For this week’s Flashback Friday  in social media, we’re looking back at (and giving hi-fives to) the many talented, dedicated people who have worked for us as Social Media Reporters through the years. They were all amazing. We can hardly believe how quickly time flies and that we’ve had the opportunity to work with so many great people.

We’ve pulled photos of just a few of our Social Media Reporters. When it came to capturing and sharing the best of events for clients, these guys crushed it and have gone on to do great things!  #FlashbackFriday 👍 😎

Served Fresh Social Media Reporters Smarter Commerce Nashville


Served Fresh Media Staff 2 (#dmfe)

SFM Reporters Nashville

Served Fresh Reporters Nashville 10

Served Fresh Media staff (#dmfe)

Ethan (Served Fresh Intern)

maria - served fresh media intern

Jarobin and Christine (many moons ago).


Jay Baer and Dave Pemberton at IBM Smarter Commerce Nashville

Served Fresh Media 2009

Tracy and Lucia at Openings NY

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  1. It’s really great that people are sharing this intfimaoron.

  2. Μάλιστα.Τσάμπα βρίζαμε τον Μπάμπη , τόσο καιρό.Και τον ΓΑΠ και την θυγατέρα και όλους τους άλλουςεκφοβιστές.Με αυτή την πεποιθηση φίλε μου , δεν γίνεται καμία διαπραγμάτευση.Μισθούς Μπαγκλαντες θα σου επιβάλουνε με τιμές Γερμανίας .

  3. it all . That’s the problem people don’t care and have no pride. If we did then people wouldn’t be defending that mess last night!I understand why you ride for Dizzee but you come from a generation that knows better.Semtex your response “

  4. So true Laurel! love your name by the way, its very pretty You are sooo lucky to had the redwood forest as your running trail!! Please e-mail me if you’d be interested in being featured. I’d love to see your pictures and share them here. Either way, I’m going to be living vicariously through you lol. Please keep coming back so I can hear more about your adventures in Cali!

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