Why We’re Excited About Propeller Innovation Festival, And You Should Be Too!

“Everyone wants to be part of inventing the future and that’s a thrilling thing to experience. Propeller is about empowering people to innovate by bringing together all communities.” — Aaron Price (Founder / CEO, Propeller)

The word “innovation” gets throw around a lot these days be everyone. It’s exciting, it’s sexy, it’s what’s forward-thinking. But what many people overlook when they discuss innovation is that, while the technology is what excites us, the community (connecting with others like, and different, than yourself to share ideas) is what really propels us to do great things in technology and beyond.

On Friday, May 20th, 9AM-9PM, on Pier A in Hoboken, NJ, innovation communities from all over the Northeast will come together for a day of inspiration, education, celebration, hi-fives, and fun. Bringing together 5,000 people for a one-day event around technology, entrepreneurship and networking is an ambitious undertaking. But these are ambitious times. And Propeller founder and CEO, Aaron Price, is an ambitious man (no stranger to dreaming big — being an entrepreneur himself).

We’re happy to be working with the Propeller team to help bring these important (and fun!) event to the tech/startup community (and not just to people who are already deeply involved in the community, but to thousands of people who are unfamiliar with the community, or who are curious).

Price’s vision for Propeller are enough to excite anyone who is looking to take their brand, company or personal goals to the next level. He has left no stone unturned in his quest to offer the community an event that offers something for everyone and that allows every individual attendee the freedom to explore and glean from Propeller specifically what they need to help propel themselves (Choose Your Own Adventure at Propeller 2016). And, of course, it wasn’t at all easy. Tough decisions needed to be made along the way (Why we chose to pass bringing this big name musical artist to our event). But in the end, the event that has come to fruition is exactly what it was meant to be — an experience ripe with opportunities to get must-have information, to experience new technology and to meet some cool, interesting people.

You’ll see over 100 influential speakers and investors from top startups and organizations across the country, startup pitch competitions. innovative technology exhibits like virtual reality, drone racing and gaming, startup competitions, great food, and live music performances by bands like The Naked and Famous, Beatie Wolfe, and Human Digital Orchestra.

So head over to the event page HERE and get 2 complimentary passes to join us at Propeller. We look forward to seeing you there!

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